Explore the Mediterranean

What we refer to as our current civilization – from science and democracy to art and culinary traditions – are commonly credited to the culture-rich shores of Southern Europe. The “Old World” is certainly a territory rich in history. It will be hard to go back home once you've lain on the beaches of Italy and Spain, experienced the historical sights of Jerusalem and Greece, and seen the amazing scenery of the Greek Islands and Santorini.

Step back in time with a visit to Rome and its ancient Pantheon and Colosseum as well as Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica, one of Christianity’s holiest places. Anyone who loves unique architectural design ought to visit Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi’s most distinguished work. holding-hands-1149411__340.jpg Some of the world’s greatest wines can be savored in Italy’s Chianti region, France’s Provence, or the city of Port in Portugal. Anybody traveling along Croatia’s Adriatic coast will want to stop in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik, with its ancient walls surrounding the city still largely intact.

Is a River Cruise Very Distinct from an Ocean Cruise?

There are both similarities and differences between ocean cruises and river cruises, so it is smart to understand both prior to deciding which is better for you. The ships for ocean cruises are usually bigger than those made for river cruises, and have more comforts in the individual rooms. Thanks to their bigger size, they are also able to hold a lot more passengers.

River ships have a much more familiar feeling due to the more modest size, and passengers commonly find themselves making lots of new friends. A second differing feature is that on a river cruise passengers are almost never cruising for a full day at a time, where ocean cruises are in many cases on the open sea for a few days in a row.

Travelers normally get to see a new destination every day. Since the scenery outside the ship is continuously changing, the feeling of exploration becomes part of the discovery.

First-time guests might want to start with a river cruise for several reasons including the fact that land is always in sight, the water is shallower, and the sailing is smoother, so there is virtually no risk of getting seasick. That said, ocean cruises typically have more extensive features including places to work out, more of a selection for dining, and great live shows. But cruising on a river is attractive since the inclusive pricing packages mean you will get free Wi-Fi, all the water and other refreshments you want (even alcohol), and fantastic activities off-ship at specific destinations.

The Beauty of Europe Aboard a River Cruise

Experience the finest of Europe’s famous waterways by boat.

From the rivers Rhine, Danube, Volga, Douro, and Dnieper to the Loire and the Elbe, gliding along these legendary waterways is just the right way to travel.

Size doesn't matter.
In addition to exciting local excursions, these smaller, elegant river ships offer world-class dining and entertainment, elegant rooms with state-of the-art technology, and a full selection of amenities.

Altogether, these make for an charming, fabulous, and stress-free experience. The plans allow for the most possible amount of time to be spent at ports of call. What is interesting about these excursions is that they give guests the occasion to experience the local culture of each port. Experience the continent’s great cities and discover them via the stories revealed by its artists, history and culinary delights.

Plan Your Luxury Vacation with AMT Travel

Veteran travelers and novices alike are faced with endless options when it comes to planning a vacation.

Your dream might be to reach the highest mountain, to chill to the sounds of the seaside or to actually stand in the place you read about in your last book.

AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, can help you plan for your upcoming vacation in style and luxury. Our 25 years-worth of experience, certified specialists, and expertise garnered from myriad voyages across the globe which means we have the know-how to advise you on which luxury cruise line is best for you, whether that be Holland, Silversea, Princess, or Regent Cruises, to list a few. The cruisers sailed by these premium companies are 5-star hotels on water that provide nothing but the best; premium facilities, personalized service, entertainment and on-shore adventures.

Exceeding expectations is AMT Travel’s foremost aim and that is why planning an unforgettable vacation is our top priority. We offer packages to locations that complement your individual preferences and tastes, hobbies and lifestyle. Leading the way in escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel offers multiple exotic destinations and travel models.

The world is your oyster; whether you are looking to explore Europe’s greatest cities or venture out to see the world’s most enchanting locales, American Express Tours allows you to visit over 60 countries on six continents.

And... being a member has its privileges.
At AMT American Express Travel, we support our loyal clients by providing pre-negotiated tour rates. Many clients return to AMT Travel because they appreciate the specialized packages that or consultants provide.

sunset-3902980__340.jpg Our services vary, from finding you an upgrade, letting you know if your flight is on time, arranging passports and travel documents, getting you the optimum exchange rate, identifying the optimum excursion and informing you on what to bring. Around the clock service and around the world travel, AMT Travel is there to provide travel services any time you need it. We are here to make certain that you travel with no headaches, complications or stress.

So, while you prepare your suitcase, we will do the rest.

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