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Every picture Hike Peru's Inca Trail... horseback ride in Alaska... ascend the highest peak in Southeast Asia... surf the waters in Costa Rica... cycle through Patagonia… or run with the bulls in Pamplona. Try a few of the additional adventure tours out there such as an thrilling ride along the French Riviera in a Ferrari F430 F1 or an unforgettable flight on an Air Combat mission, along the lines of Top Gun, in San Diego.

If any of these adrenaline-charged escapades speak to the daredevil in you, make sure they are part of your next getaway.

Exploring the World’s National Parks

Regardless of the country, there is a National Parks tour that will take you to some of the great marvels of the world. Keep on reading to find out which are some of the world’s most famed national parks.

The Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands is one of the most visited UNESCO sites worldwide and the earliest national park in Ecuador.

On this island chain you will come face to face with giant tortoises and small penguins, some of the island’s most well-known residents.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, the impressive Incan citadel high in the Andean Mountains, is one of the most significant archaeological places worldwide.

It is concrete proof of the urbanized Inca Empire at the height of its power and accomplishment.

Yellowstone National Park
In 1903 when President Theodore Roosevelt initially came across the amazing geology and flora of Yellowstone, he announced the site as “absolutely unique in the world”.

He was a big advocate of developing national parks to highlight the idea that natural beauty was a priceless asset for all generations to come.

Serengeti National Park
Further afield, Tanzania’s legendary Serengeti National Park and South Africa's Kruger National Park are both home to countless animal species and incredible fauna.

There you will come upon wide-open vistas unlike any other, and also hear the occasional roar of a lion in search of food.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, situated off the northeast coast of Australia incorporates the world’s most extensive coral reef system – a must see on any bucket list.

Fiordland National Park

The nearby Fiordland National Park in New Zealand has stunning fjords galore, enough so as to overshadow Norway’s stunning natural wonders any day.

Special Interest Tours Galore
The volume of specialty tours on the market continue to be on the uptick.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of specialty tours on offer to satisfy anyone with a special interest.

For the Wine Lover in all of Us

Your level of expertise in wines is inconsequential because wine country is always open to anybody with a taste for it. A wine tasting tour is designed for those who want to know the complexities that go into making a fine wine.

Napa Valley, the Stellenbosch Wine Route in South Africa, or the wine-making territories in France like Bordeaux or Champagne are just a few of the best wine-tasting destinations around.

For the Lover of Food
Nowadays, gourmets can travel just about anywhere to gratify their palates.

Even the most proficient gourmet will learn something on a culinary tour because they will not only get a taste of local ingredients and artisan products, they’ll also gain an understanding of how history and culture influenced the advancement of the local cuisine. On some of the top-notch tours, you might even meet a star chef or get classes from a Michelin-starred expert.

For All the Yoga Lovers

Today’s newest trends in specialty travel are yoga tours. This ancient practice is all about strengthening, and harmonizing both body and mind through deep breathing and contemplation. In addition, yoga tours normally take you to stylish, beautiful and relaxing destinations where you can focus on letting go.

For All the Nature Lovers Out There

Interest artwork Eco-tours take visitors to vulnerable and relatively undisturbed natural areas where they can enjoy the peaceful beauty of unspoiled landscapes.

Eco-tourism is an ideal way to see undisturbed natural areas, but it is also a good occasion to learn about protecting the world’s natural resources.

Understanding the best ways to better the welfare of native peoples and how to conserve important natural resources are just some of the topics presented when you embark on an eco-tour.

Women Only!

Women only tours are also increasing in appeal.

In today’s world, women are looking for a safe, yet interesting way to visit the countless amazing cities, and incredible sights found across the globe. Being on a women’s only tour where you can get together with other like-minded travelers makes any vacation more delightful and interesting.

For the Spiritual Seeker
You’re seeking an experience where you can reconnect with your spiritual self and find out more about the origin of your faith.

You’ll find that a faith-based tour is the perfect opportunity for you to look inside yourself and connect with your spirituality amidst people who are on the same voyage. There is no question that you’ll never get bored on whatever type of tour you take.

What to Do and See in Asia

Bustling, exciting Hong Kong is a hub for fashion, food, banking, and trade in Asia To see some of Thailand’s most iconic scenery, beaches, and culture, be sure to pay a visit to Phuket, its largest island. With its centuries-old cultural icons, including a vibrant Jewish community with seven synagogues that dates back to the 12th century, and St. Francis Church created by the Portuguese in 1503, Cochin (or Kochi) in the Indian state of Kerala has earned the nickname “Queen of the Arabian Sea”.

Still another must-see is Petra, the Jordanian city designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is known as “Rose City” because it was constructed of rose-colored stone. From Africa to Asia, from North America to South America, from Antarctica to Europe, discover them all when you travel in style and elegance on a world cruise.

Experience the Mediterranean

What we refer to as advanced civilization – from science and democracy to art and culinary traditions – are commonly credited to the culture-rich shores of Southern Europe. By cruising its coast, you too can bask in its vibrant history. It will be difficult to go back home once you've lain on the beaches of Italy and Spain, studied the historical sights of Jerusalem and Greece, and seen the spectacular scenery of the Greek Islands and Santorini.

Step back in time with a visit to Rome and its reknown Pantheon and Colosseum as well as Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica, one of Christianity’s holiest places.

Lovers of architectural design will enjoy a stop in Barcelona to see Antoni Gaudi’s remarkable work.

Wine lovers will want to take time in the world class wine regions of Chianti in Italy, Port in Portugal, and Provence in France. On the Adriatic coast, check out the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dubrovnik, the historic city encircled by ancient stone walls.

A Myriad of Experiences Await in the Americas and the Caribbean Islands

Every icon You will find remarkable cultural diversity, as well as dazzling landscapes, throughout the many different countries that make up the Americas and the Caribbean, from the northern tip of Canada to Cape Horn in the south. The Caribbean is very deserving of its reputation for a laid-back, relaxed lifestyle, though each island from Aruba and Antigua to St. Martin and Puerto Rico is distinguished by its own language and culture bestowed on it from Spain, The Netherlands, Britain, France, or Africa. Central America, rich in both natural beauty and history, is the land mass that connects North America to South America. Tour the ruins left by the Aztec, Maya, and Olmec peoples, or luxuriate in the natural wonder of Costa Rica.

Sail through the Panama Canal and learn exactly how it works. In North and South America you will discover many fascinating sights as well as spectacular beauty.

A journey to Canada will allow you to see L’Anse aux Meadows, a Viking settlement that dates back to the 11th century, or stroll the enchanting streets of Quebec City with its French influences. A cruise along the west coast of the United States will take you to Alaska, where you can see for yourself the magnificent natural beauty of its glaciers, or sail along the east coast to visit the modern cities.

Head On South
Continuing further south, travelers will find mysterious ruins, a wide diversity of cultures and peoples, and world music we have danced to on many nights.

A trip south to Brazil will give city lovers the option to visit Rio de Janeiro with its famous beaches and lively nightlife, or nature buffs the opportunity to see the rain forests along the Amazon. Valparaiso, Chile is worth a stop to see the celebrated colorful homes on the steep hillsides and the breathtaking natural beauty of the country’s massifs and fjords.

See a fun live Tango show in the bustling city of Buenos Aires. Farther south, discover the icy natural wonder of Antarctica.

Leading Walks Around the World

The most significant hike is not just about the walk on its own, but rather about embracing the destination’s historic and culture. Still, this kind of journey is no simple feat.

They will test your durability both physically and mentally, leaving you with an endurable perception of the beauty of the earth. Below is a list of eight of the best treks worldwide.

Peru: Inca Trail - 26.7 miles and 4 days

Extraordinary moments are abundant on the Inca Trail, but not like the moment you walk through the Sun Gate and view the forgotten city of Machu Picchu. Perfect time to go: May to September

Lost City in Colombia ~ 27 miles in 5 days
Voyage through the lush jungle across steams before arriving at the ruins of Teyuna. Make this your primary stop and you will be alone in the Lost City. It is best to go from August to November.

Nepal's Everest Base Camp - 38.5 miles - 13 days
Interest original This journey will make you more acquainted to the inhabitants of the Himalayas while offering you a glimpse from the top of the planet.

After seeing Everest, you will not look at Earth in the same way anymore. The best months to go are August to November.

Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - 21.1 miles in 8 days
At 5,895m (19,340 ft), Mt Kilimanjaro is Africa's tallest apex. It’s not easy, but unlike other great peaks, it allows those bold enough to conquer its many routes to the top.

The best months to go are September to March.

Europe's Mont Blanc - 77.7 miles and 8 days
The Tour du Mont Blanc is more than one hundred miles and takes you through three countries: Switzerland, Italy, and France.

Perfect time to go: June to September

Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia -10 days and 82.6 miles
It is known for its organic splendor and here you will come across magnificent volcanic landscapes, enormous glaciers, and extensive steppe-like plains stretching out to the horizon. The best months to go are December to March.
Venezuela's Mount Roirama ~21.1 miles and 6 days

The glorious mountain of Roraima is treasured to the region's local people and is said to have motivated Arthur Conan Doyle’s fiction, "The Lost World."

Ideal time to go: The Roraima trek can be walked at any time of the year but from November to April is advised

The Camino de Santiago, Spain ~ 466 miles and 30 days
The respected Camino de Santiago, also known as the St. James Trail, was a relevant Christian passage during the Middle Ages, and is still viewed as a significant spiritual pilgrimage today.

The walk can be done at any time of the year but between autumn and spring is ideal, but also very congested.

Discover Africa: Its Sights, Sounds and Peoples

When you voyage along the coast of Africa you will follow the same journey taken by early explorers from nations including England, The Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal. The diverse cultures brought about by ancient tribal traditions and colonialism are fascinating to compare when you stop in places such as Senegal, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Mauritius.

From South Africa’s green mountains to the desert panorama of Namibia, there is something for everyone.

Off the coast of Tanzania you'll find the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, also known as “Spice Island”, a place famous for its abundance of precious spices including cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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